Club Penguin Purple Crosshatch Hoodie Code

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Club Penguin Purple Crosshatch Hoodie Code

Post  TheFlame12 on Fri Sep 02, 2011 11:05 pm

Club Penguin Purple Crosshatch Hoodie Code

The Club Penguin Club Penguin community has found yet another code that unlocks yet another crosshatch hoodie. This one has not even been seen before! Its purple! We’ve seen blue, green and now purple! To unlock it, login and click the symbol seen in the top right corner of the screen when showing your suggested servers.

A screen with ask you if you have a book, or a code. Click “I have a code”. Now in the box type in “FreeHood”.

You will now receive the Purple Crosshatch Hoodie!

I like my Blue Crosshatch Hoodie better, but it is always good to have extra attire to put on if you would like.

How do you like this new hoodie? Let us know

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