Club Penguin Getting Started

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Club Penguin Getting Started

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Creating your Account and activation


In order to play Club Penguin, you need to create a penguin – and therefore you have to make an account. Go to this website and click “Create a Penguin“. Name your penguin whatever you wish, however, inappropriate names will either be:

  • Renamed to P9<numbers>
  • A box that says “That penguin name is not allowed.” will appear.


When you make a penguin, the penguin has to be a certain colour. You can choose from these colours:

You can always buy new colors from the Gift Shop if you have enough money, so don’t worry.

E-Mail settings and password

You will then need to make up a password for your account. Try to make it a hard one for people to guess. An effective one would be to have a mixture of both letters and numbers. You will then need to put in your email.


Account activation

After the account creation, you will need to go to your email inbox and click on the link that came with it. This will activate your account for playing.

Starting the game

Log into your penguin, which will appear in the middle of the screen. You will then find yourself in the game! At the back of you would be three buildings, and your in a place called the Town. Don’t worry though, you can’t ever be lost in Club Penguin Island as you can always use your Map, on the bottom left hand corner, to instantly take you somewhere else. First, try going into some of these buildings. Have a look around, go upstairs and check a few things. Once you’ve done that, go out of the Town and explore. If you think you’ve had enough, ask people to help you by starting the game. You can always ask an experienced penguin to tour you around! This will help you a lot, and Club Penguin has a special touring feature too.

Playing minigames

When you explore, you will often find yourself near a minigame – or another penguin asking you for a minigame. Play these games and you’ll earn coins. These can help you buy stuff for your penguin.

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