Awsome Club Penguin Giveaway!!!!!!

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Awsome Club Penguin Giveaway!!!!!!

Post  TheFlame12 on Mon Aug 15, 2011 10:44 pm

Are You Ready For A Awsome Club Penguin Giveaway

So I Bet You Wanna Know What The Giveaway Is Huh???

Well I Will Tell You!!!!

Right People I Am Holding A Compotion AND You Will Like It Because It Is Easy All You Have To Do Is.....

1.Register A Acount On This Website

2.Subscribe My Youtube Channel Here

3.Reply To This 2 Times And Put A LOL Emote On It Aswell

4.Log Out Your Acount

5.Log In Again

6.Send Me A Private Message

7.Once You Have Done All 6 Of These Reply To Me And Say You Have Done All 6 Things

8.Now You Have Done It I Will Read Your Message And Give You A Club Penguin Acount

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