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<td>Welcome to the Club Penguin Wiki, founded December 20, 2006! We are a free, editable encyclopedia of Club Penguin with 3,558 articles that you can help edit!

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  • 7

    Operation:Hibernation Cheats

    August 25, 2011 by Bman2007Jazz


    Well, Operation Hibernate: The Big Snow Race, is ago. To begin, it's the boring old crud routine: Go to EPF HQ, say accept your mission, BLAH

    • Step 1: Go to Ski Village
    • Step 2: Enter the SNOW RACE!
    • Step …

    Read more ></BLOCKQUOTE>
  • 48

    Crosshatch Hoodies Free Unlocks!

    August 23, 2011 by Bman2007Jazz

    Hey Pancake Peanuts! Check out what a few pengies found out! If you put in the following code in Club Penguin's "Unlock Codes," log in, got to "I have a code": D23EXP11 You unlock the Green Crosshatch…
    Read more ></BLOCKQUOTE>
  • 17

    TRACK HERBERT help and guidlines

    August 19, 2011 by Penguin-Pal


    NOTE: only an EPF Agent can access the game "System Defender. If you are not an agent, take the test or ask for help.

    Some of you may noticed there is a NEW level on System Defender, which is called "…

    Read more ></BLOCKQUOTE>

Featured Article vote

The Island Adventure Party 2010 was a party in Club Penguin that was built upon the Adventure Party 2009. There was a mermaid cove area, a ship battle room, and a treefort. The free item was the White Pirate Bandanna.(More...)
Penguin of The Month vote
We have a winner, chosen by our voters! Our Penguin of the Month is The Plush, winning with 3 overall votes! Congratulations!
<TABLE style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: transparent; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" align=center>

<td style="TEXT-ALIGN: left; PADDING-BOTTOM: 10px; PADDING-LEFT: 10px; PADDING-RIGHT: 10px; FONT-FAMILY: serif; COLOR: rgb(178,183,242); FONT-SIZE: 40px; FONT-WEIGHT: bold; PADDING-TOP: 10px" vAlign=top width=20>“</TD>
<td style="PADDING-BOTTOM: 4px; PADDING-LEFT: 10px; PADDING-RIGHT: 10px; PADDING-TOP: 4px" vAlign=top>The Plush has made valuable edits throughout this wiki's new period, and has shown himself worthy of some recognition.</TD>
<td style="TEXT-ALIGN: right; PADDING-BOTTOM: 10px; PADDING-LEFT: 10px; PADDING-RIGHT: 10px; FONT-FAMILY: serif; COLOR: rgb(178,183,242); FONT-SIZE: 40px; FONT-WEIGHT: bold; PADDING-TOP: 10px" vAlign=bottom width=20>”</TD></TR>
<td vAlign=top>
— Bman2007Jazz
The Plush is a very great editor, and when the Administration is not available, he helps out by reverting vandalism. He was granted Rollback status because of this, and he is a very nice person. Congratulations, The Plush!
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Site News add - old

  • 19

    Some Wiki Updates to do with Brookelas

    July 5, 2011 by Brookelas

    Hey everyone! Brookelas here, the wiki's planner for events, and 'silent' admin.

    As SOME of you know, I am a silent admin, meaning I help the wiki out, since I am the most experienced user here. I do …
    Read more ></BLOCKQUOTE>
  • 2

    Wall of Fame!

    June 24, 2011 by ShrimpPin


    Hey guys! Some of you have noticed the Community Corner [1]. Well, check it every day because we always have important news!

    PotM: Vote for Cp Kid, our current PotM nominee! He ne…
    Read more ></BLOCKQUOTE>
  • 0

    New wordmark/logo

    June 11, 2011 by Scrollbars

    Hello there! I happen to specialize in making wordmarks for Wikia wikis as well, so I have given the wiki a really nice wordmark. I hope you enjoy it!

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