Unlimited Ticket Cheat That Works

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Unlimited Ticket Cheat That Works

Post  TheFlame12 on Sat Sep 24, 2011 6:23 pm

I’ve found an exclusive Club Penguin Cheat that has not been posted anywhere else yet, so I guess we can call this our little Club Penguin Fall Fair 2011 exclusive. Remember, you saw it here first:

Club Penguin Fall Fair 2011 – How To Get Unlimited Tickets:

Step 1: Log on to Club Penguin, go to the dock, and play Spin to Win.

Step 2: When you’re in the game, spin the wheel once to get a few tickets. You don’t have to spin it all three times, just once.

Step 3: Press Tab on your computer’s keyboard until there is a yellow square over the end game button.

Step 4: Press and hold enter for about ten seconds to receive a huge amount of tickets.

Here is a video on the How to get unlimited coins cheat:

You can use this cheat as much as you want for the time being without being banned. This way you can get as many tickets for the Fall Fair 2011 without having to spend so much time trying to earn them. Use this cheat to get all the Fall Fair prizes easy, 100% safe!

This Works %100000 I Tested It

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