Penguin Trillion

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Penguin Trillion

Post  TheFlame12 on Tue Sep 27, 2011 12:31 pm

Hello Everyone Im Here With Penguin Trillion But I Am Gonna Give You The Links


Penguin Trillion – Online


Right Im Now Gonna Give You Commands Here

User commands:
!AI ID – Adds an item. Replace ID with the item id for item IDs
!AC AMOUNT – Adds coins. Replace AMOUNT with how much you want
!PIN ID – Puts an item as your pin. Replace ID with the item id.
!PM username message – Private messages a user Note: They must be your buddy
!JR ID – Joins room ID. Replace ID with the room ID.
!PUFFLE COLOR – Adds puffle. Replace COLOR with a color.
!AF ID – Adds furniture. Replace ID with the furniture ID
!IGLOO ID – Updates your igloo type. Replace ID with the igloo ID
!ID – Shows you your ID
!PING – Tests server connection (Bot will say Pong if you’re connected)
!FJR ID – Fake join room. Replace ID with the room ID.
!GID USERNAME – Gives you a user’s ID
!GNAME ID – Gives you the ID’s owner name
!CLONE username – Copies the specified user’s clothing items onto your penguin.
Control center: Click the “C” on the left side of your chatbar
Moderator commands:
!BAN username – Bans a player. Replace username with their name
!UNBAN username – Unbans a player. Replace username with their name
!FIND username – Gives the location of a player. Replace username with their name
Staff leader commands:
!ACCESS ADD username – Makes a player a moderator. Replace username with their name
!ACCESS DEL username – Removes moderator status from a player. Replace username with their name
!GLOBAL message – Makes the bot announce a message. Replace message with the message
!NICK nickname – Changes your username until you logout. Replace nickname with the username you want.

Oh And I Got Some Custom Items

Brown Bunny Slippers: 367
Purple Bunny Slippers: 372
Yellow Bunny Slippers: 384
*Plus Blue Bunny Slippers have finally been fixed.

Blue and Yellow Scarf: 166
Blue Floppy Hat: 409
Black Lei: 317

White Mask: 105
Purple Lei: 167
Beta Shirt: 231
Blue Bunny Slippers: 360
Black Cap: 403
Black Fedora: 450

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