How To Become A Secret Agent In Club Penguin

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How To Become A Secret Agent In Club Penguin

Post  TheFlame12 on Thu Sep 01, 2011 8:27 pm

The steps to become an EPF Agent are fairly simple, waddle to the Ski Village, then scope out the “Every Day Phoning Facility”

Then, head on into the everyday phoning facility. After you waddled into the facility, the TV should flip over and say “Click Here To Take The Test”, like this:

Click it, after you clicked it, the test will start. Here are the steps to get a perfect score on the test:

1. Hit The Target where it came out of with a snowball.

2. The screen will say “Walk to the green square” The square looks like it should look, below.

3. Sprint To The Red Square. To sprint in Club Penguin, rapidly click the mouse. The red square looks something like this:

4. After you ran to the red square, the screen will say your score, and “That was fast!” Then move away.

5. Now you will have to hide. Throw a snowball at camera two, and go behind the poll.

And the pole you hide behind should look like this:

Then you will notice that the cameras can’t find you! Good work at hiding! Now, they will test your cleverness. They will set up a cage trap. Then throw a snowball at this blue thing:

Then you will be finished with your test! You should get a perfect score! Then, you can go into the elevator. It leads to the EPF Headquarters:

Congratulations Penguins! You are now an official EPF Agent!

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