Club Penguin Fall Fair 2007-2011

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Club Penguin Fall Fair 2007-2011

Post  TheFlame12 on Thu Sep 01, 2011 11:12 pm

The Club Penguin Fall Fair originated in 2007, the second year of Club Penguin. It consisted of carnival games and prizes. It has continued to grow and continues to grow today. In 2007 it had very few games and prizes and now has quite a large variety of games and prizes that continue to make it one of the most thought after parties in the game.

Fall Fair 2007

Penguins logged in and noticed a ticket counter in the top right corner of the screen. The idea was to play games and collect ticks to win prizes at the ticket booth. Much like a normal arcade. There were 6 carnival games to play at the time. These consisted of:

  • Ring The Bell at the Dock
  • Grab & Spin at the Dock

  • Memory game at the Beach
  • Puffle Paddle at the Snow Forts
  • Feed-A-Puffle at the Cove
  • Puffle Shuffle at the Forest

Captain Rockhopper also made a surprise visit during this party handing out autographed backgrounds to those lucky penguins who were able to meet him.


  • This was the first Fall Fair party in Club Penguin.
  • This party was created before Disney took over Club Penguin.
  • This was Rockhopper’s 2nd appearance on the island.

Fall Fair 2008

In this year, much more decorations were put out throughout the island. Expanding the party by a large margin. More prizes were given out, and even more carnival game were introduced. Again this party was the most anticipated party by penguins for the year. There were new prizes including candy apples, blue cotton candy and giant green sunglasses.

Captain Rockhopper made another visit during this party as he did the year before. He gave out the same autographed background as the year before, to more penguins who met him during the party.


  • After this Fall Fair, the name of the party was changed to “The Fair” due to the different weather conditions (Spring) on the southern hemisphere of the earth.
  • This was the last Fall Fair to have prizes costing more than 750 tickets.

The Fair 2009

Once again this party arrived early in September. It started on September 4th and ended on the 13th. More new prizes and decorations were brought to the island! The highly anticipated party was back! For 10 days only. The dance club and lounge were decked out with very nice neon glow everywhere!

Captain Rockhopper came back again that year and brought all the party decorations on his ship!

This year there were 12 prizes to collect. Including Circus master costumes and stripey hats.


  • Grab-and-spin was not brought back due to a ticket glitch during the 2008 Fall Fair.
  • This was the first Fall Fair to have the title “The Fair” due to weather changes in the southern hemisphere.
  • Prizes prices were dropped at this Fair.

Rockhopper gave out the same autographed background as the previous two years. Even more penguins met him and his puffle yarr and received this background.

The Fair 2010

Club Penguin was ready for this party! This could be called one of the largest parties ever seen on the island. The decorations were very well done and penguins could win 14 new prizes! There were 7 minigames made to earn tickets for those prizes.

The island was packed with gamers wanted to earn these 14 new prizes!

Rockhopper was back! With a brand new background that all penguins wanted to get!The background was of Rockhopper and his puffle yarr, on his ship!

This is one of my favorite of Rockhoppers backgrounds! Again, this party hit the spot, and the Fall Fair has now become the favorite of many penguins who play Club Penguin.


  • The party left the island one day after the scheduled date of September 3rd.

The Fair 2011

We don’t know what to expect this year, except a great time. The highly anticipated party, the party that could be called the party of the year will start September 22nd. We can expect many new prizes, new decorations and tons of fun. Keep your eyes on the telescope and keep a lookout for our favorite pirate Rockhopper! Perhaps he will have a new Autographed background? We will wait and see!

The Fair 2011 is on its way, here at Club Penguin Cheatsy we will be ready for the Club Penguin Fall Fair 2011.

We are getting pumped up for this party, are you? Let us know in the comments!

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