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Post  TheFlame12 on Sat Sep 03, 2011 10:52 pm

Puffle Launch Money Guide

Puffle Launch Money Guide Puffle-Launch-300x191

Puffle Launch is a game where you can play with your puffle and collect puffle o’s to get points. Puffle launch is a very new game, it was released in March and since then it has gotten a lot of popularity. This game is located in the Pet Shop. Also in the Pet Shop you can play Puffle Roundup.

When you start the game Puffle Launch the game will ask you what puffle you want to play the game with. It will allow you to play with any of the puffles you have adopted. If you do not have a puffle however you get to play with a red puffle.

Puffle Launch Money Guide 2011-07-25_145451-300x262

In this game there are three different places you can play levels on, however some of the places are members only.

  1. Blue Sky (Non-Members and Members)Puffle Launch Money Guide 2011-07-25_1455271-300x119
  2. Soda Sunset (Members Only)Puffle Launch Money Guide 2011-07-25_1455501-300x123
  3. Box Dimension (Members Only)Puffle Launch Money Guide 2011-07-25_145610-300x122

Each place that you can play on has 12 different levels to play on. You have to start on level one and if you beat that level you unlock the next level. So click a level to start the game.

The objective of this game is to collect as many puffle O’s as you can and make it to the gold ring at the end. You have to shoot your puffle through the cannons to collect the Puffle O’s.

Puffle Launch Money Guide 2011-07-25_1457171-300x169

Along the way there will be checkpoints where you can start if you fall. Along the way you may go the wrong way on a cannon and you may fall into the water. If you have not passed a checkpoint for the level then you have to start at the beginning again. Also as you collect puffle O’s you will start making your cannon. You have to collect a certain amount of puffle O’s before you collect a piece of the cannon.

Puffle Launch Money Guide 2011-07-25_145638-300x285

This game is pretty easy and with time you can make a lot of coins! This game is really fun and is probably my favorite game! This game gets progressively harder so you will need a lot of patience to get through this game. If you are a member and love puffle games then you will have a blast with all the exclusive member only levels!
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