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Post  TheFlame12 on Sat Sep 24, 2011 6:29 pm

During the Fall Fair 2011, Club Penguin has added three new pins! I’ve never seen them add more than two at a time, so this is really incredible for me.

If you need help with the pins, the Milkshake Pin is at the Dojo, and the Purple Balloon Pin is at the forest in the Prize booth.

The latest pin I’ve found is at the coffee shop:

Snow Cone Pin 2011-09-22_025104-300x279

All you have to do, is fill the Snow-Cone Machine with snowballs until it’s full. It will then dispense the Snow Cone Pin!

Snow Cone Pin 2011-09-22_025146

Be sure to check out our Club Penguin Fall Fair 2011 Cheats!

*NOTE*The Purple Baloon Pin Is A Prize From The Prize Booth For 75 Tickets

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