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Post  TheFlame12 on Sat Sep 24, 2011 6:31 pm

The Fair has finally arrived on Club Penguin. Along with it comes all the games, prizes, costumes, decorations, and more! We are really excited about this party here at Club Penguin Cheatsy because we have been preparing ever since it was announced.

Below I will be providing all of the Fall Fair 2011 Cheats, so that you guys may get them out of the way and get into enjoying the actual party. Please follow the following cheats step by step:

Fall Fair 2011 Free Item Cheats:

The only free item at this party is located on Rockhopper’s ship in the pirate catalog:

Fair Cheats 2011-09-22_011124

Fall Fair 2011 Game & Ticket Cheats:

In order to win all the prizes during the fair, you must play as many games as you possibly can. Once you receive enough tickets, you can go to the prize booth to redeem them for a prize.

I would recommend playing the Puffle Paddle and Ring the Bell game. You could easily get enough tickets during the first day or the party by just playing these two games. Why? Because, with these games you can earn lots of tickets and earn them fast. So it’s best not to waste your time playing anything else unless you’re just playing them for fun.

Fair Cheats 2011-09-21_224706

Fair Cheats 2011-09-21_224734

I would also recommend saving enough tickets for the larger prizes first, and then going for some of the smaller things at the booths.

Prize Booth 2011 Cheats:

How to get unlimited tickets to get all prizes:

Use our ticket cheat by clicking here.


Step 1: Play Ring the Bell at the dock

Fair Cheats 2011-09-22_011321

Step 2: Beat the game to win 25 tickets fast

Fair Cheats 2011-09-22_011413

Step 3: Repeat

Party Information:

The Fall Fair first debuted back in 2007 when Club Penguin was still fairly new. It featured a few prizes and a few games. Over the years, Club Penguin gradually added more prizes, more games, and more activities. They even added the exclusive Game Room located at the Snow Forts one year. During the Fall Fair, you can either win tickets for prizes, play on the bumper cars, or track Rockhopper.

You can experience the party in the following rooms: Town, Snow Forts, Dock, Iceberg, Cove, Forest, Beach, Rockhopper’s Ship, Village, Mountain, The Plaza, and more.

This year’s party has changed drastically. It has a new look, and new prizes at the Prize Booth.

Other Cheats

Here are the rest of the cheats for the Fall Fair 2011: (links coming soon)

More coming soon


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