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Club Penguin Times Issue #309 Empty Club Penguin Times Issue #309

Post  TheFlame12 on Sat Sep 24, 2011 6:33 pm

Hey Penguins!

With the Fall Fair’s latest release to the island a new newpspaer has been added for all penguins to view on Club Penguin. This newspaper announces the Fall Fair and explains to us the latest things going on with Club Penguin and the upcoming events for Club Penguin.

The main article in this newspaper is about announcing the Fall Fair arrival. The Fall Fair is in full swing you can find games everywhere around the island on Club Penguin. Collect your tickets for prizes today!

Club Penguin Times Issue #309 2011-09-21_221145-300x147

The secondary article for this weeks newspaper is a mini game you can play in the newspaper. Since the Fall is all about games this is a very good part in the newspaper.Club Penguin Times Issue #309 2011-09-21_221213-300x246

The upcoming events for the next couple of weeks on Club Penguin are:

Club Penguin Times Issue #309 2011-09-21_221225-300x208

Starting Now: The Fair Is On!

Starting Now: Rockhopper’s Rare Items

October 1st: Pay Day

Starting Sept 29th: New Prize Items!

What event are you looking forward too in Club penguin after The Fair? Leave us a comment with your reply

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