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Post  TheFlame12 on Fri Sep 30, 2011 8:40 pm

Hello Today I Have Got Loads Of Updates

Club Penguin has posted in the community section of the blog informing us about a major bug that is going around Club Penguin lately. For some people there buddies have been removed due to a bug. This probably means they are testing there new buddy system currently. The bug is currently being taken care of and Billybob has told us all he will let us know when the bug is squashed.

News Update! Club_logo1

What do you think of Club Penguin’s recent bug? Have you experienced this bug yet? Leave us a comment with your reply.


Club Penguin Field Ops 49 has finally been released. Since Herbert is still under the custody of Club Penguin, Field Ops 49 serves as a training ops to prepare us for future attacks. Here are all of the Club Penguin Field Ops 49 Cheats:

Step 1: Click your EPF Phone and teleport to the HQ to view the Field Ops 49 message

News Update! 2011-09-29_055216-300x163

Step 2: Once you accept the mission, teleport to the Boiler Room using your EPF Phone and stand on the side of the cabinet to activate Field Ops 49.

News Update! 2011-09-29_055412

Step 3: Complete the game by matching the data with the firewall to break through the security.

News Update! 2011-09-29_055441-300x157

Congratulations! You have completed your mission using our Club Penguin Field Ops 49 Cheats. After you complete it, you will receive your reward from Gary.


There Is New Updates From ClubPenguinCheatsy:

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Club Penguin Puffle Notifications

Club Penguin Puffle Hats Plush Toys

Club Penguin Field Ops 49 Cheats

Club Penguin 6th Anniversary Party

and Club Penguin Puffle Launch App for Android

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