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Post  ~²ººº~( Lake )~²ººº~ on Wed Oct 05, 2011 12:02 pm

Club Penguin Style October 2011 has been released early for the Club Penguin Halloween Party 2011. It features a bunch of brand new items that you can wear to spook your friends during Halloween and even a bunch of costumes that you can wear to costume parties!

Here are all of the current Club Penguin Style October 2011 Cheats:

On Page 3, click the middle window to get the flashlight:

Halloween Catalog Cheats 2011-10-04_131202-300x174

On page 3, click the ledge to get the Candy Corn Costume:

Halloween Catalog Cheats 2011-10-04_160458

On Page 4, click the floor pane at the bottom for the Frankenstein Costume:

Halloween Catalog Cheats 2011-10-04_131344-300x199

On Page 4, click the princess’s eyes to get the horse costume:

Halloween Catalog Cheats 2011-10-04_160703-300x177

On page 5, click the middle tree for the Superhero mask:

Halloween Catalog Cheats 2011-10-04_131440

On page 6, click the penguin’s foot to get the fuzzy boots:

Halloween Catalog Cheats 2011-10-04_160800

There is also a new Penguins at work uniform called the Ghoul Detector. I’m pretty sure it’ll help you find all sorts of ghost during the Club Penguin Halloween Party 2011!

These are all of the cheats for the Club Penguin Style Catalog October 2011, thanks for reading!
~²ººº~( Lake )~²ººº~
~²ººº~( Lake )~²ººº~

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