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The Unknown Band member was a mysterious light blue penguin that was seen during the Winter Luau 2006 with the Penguin Band before Franky joined. It is possible that he was Petey K or Franky with a different outfit because only G Billy and Stompin' Bob were there. Many penguins think that this was before Franky joined or Franky in a different color. The only name he went by was "band member".

The unknown band member is a light blue penguin that has the talent of playing the guitar which is why it might be rumored it was Franky because Franky plays the guitar. Its last appearance was at the Winter Luau party in the year of 2006. It is likely to be Stompin' Bob because in Penguin Chat, the Penguin Band were all Old Blue so the Club Penguin team might have been deciding on Penguin Band colors.

Unknown Band memberInformation
Unknown Band member ? Unknown_penguin_band
Full NameUnknown or Petey K
AppearedWinter Luau 2006
ColorLight Blue
Clothes ItemsAcoustic Guitar, Grass Skirt
Related ToUnknown
Friends WithStompin' Bob, G Billy
Meetable Character?No
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