Club Penguin Halloween Party History 2005-2011

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Club Penguin Halloween Party History 2005-2011 Empty Club Penguin Halloween Party History 2005-2011

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In 2005, was officially the first Halloween Party to launch on Club Penguin. It started immediately after the Beta Testing Party and it ended one week later. There was no free item to obtain and what is different from all the newest Halloween Parties was this one had the normal sky. The only rooms that were decorated for Halloween were the Town and the Night Club.

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During the 2006 Halloween Party, There was only one free item to obtain which was the Wizard Hat. This item was located at the Snow Forts. This was the first Club Penguin party to have Aurora Australis. The Halloween Party started on October 27, 2006 and lasted through November 1, 2006. The pin given out at the party was the Pumpkin Pin which was located at the Dock.

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Throughout the years, the Halloween Party started to change more and more as more people started playing the game. During the year of 2007, Club Penguin added some of it’s biggest updates to this party. For the first time Club Penguin players could obtain the Pumpkin Basket and hunt around the island for candy. This is now known as the Club Penguin Candy Hunt. This party was similar to the Halloween Party of 2006 because they made the island dark as they did the year before. The free items available at this party were the Pumpkin Basket which was given out at the Snow Forts, and the Halloween Scarf, which you could be won by collecting all the candy during the candy hunt. Club Penguin also introduced us to Night of the Living Sled in 2007.

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In 2008, the Halloween party returned for the 4th consecutive time. There was a scavenger hunt, in which, when completed the penguin would win a prize. It brought back spooky darkness and costumes for penguins to enjoy. Members penguins could access the secret lab. The entrance was found in the Book Room.

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During this party, a storm erupted and damaged the Dojo. Gary the Gadget Guy also made an appearance, the first recorded. He gave out an autographed background.

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In 2009, Disney revamped the whole party adding new rooms, and more unique costumes. They added the Haunted House and a new video series seen in the coffee shop, beacon and dance lounge, called night of the living sled 1, 2 and 3.

Club Penguin Halloween Party History 2005-2011 717px-H09_H-300x214Gary returned to this party and once again gave out autographed backgrounds to penguins who saw him. Disney used the storm from this Halloween party in November to introduce Card-Jitsu Fire.


In 2010, the party had even more things added to it. In the forest, Disney added a Dark Chamber and a Monster room where members could buy monster costumes for their penguins. There we over 10 items for members to collect.

Club Penguin Halloween Party History 2005-2011 814px-HalloweenParty2010MonsterRoom-300x188Gary was back yet again and had a brand new Autographed background! This background was said by many to be much better than the one from previous years. I totally agree.

Club Penguin Halloween Party History 2005-2011 513px-GaryAutographedBackground2010-300x3002011

We do not know much about this year’s party, however, we do know that The Haunted House will be back and available to both Members and Non-Members! We are expecting Gary to return, remember to use our Amazing and accurate Gary Tracker 2011 to help you find Gary and receive his Stamp and Autographed Background! We are all expecting this party to be a huge hit, and stay with Club Penguin Cheatsy for the latest updates on Club Penguin’s Halloween Party 2011.

Also, we will be tracking both Gary and Aunt Arctic during the month of October 2011.

Club Penguin Aunt Arctic Tracker October 2011

Club Penguin Gary Tracker October 2011
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