Updates 2 (For CP)

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Updates 2 (For CP) Empty Updates 2 (For CP)

Post  ~²ººº~( Lake )~²ººº~ on Fri Oct 14, 2011 10:36 pm

Hey penguins!

<p>A new video has been uploaded to the Club Penguin youtube channel this video talks to us about Halloween and Puffle hats. This video informs us about the new Halloween Party which will include the Haunted Mansion and a new scavenger hunt. Also in this video they announce the unlock code for everyone
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Updates 2 (For CP) Lol-150x112

<p>Today, as I recently went on Club Penguin. I noticed the new post from the Club Penguin Blog. The puffle updates are coming tomorrow (Thursday), as said in the Club Penguin Blog post. In this post, Happy77 is asking the programmer some questions about the new improvements. Here is what is said on the Club
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