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Post  ~²ººº~( Lake )~²ººº~ on Fri Nov 04, 2011 9:56 pm

Sorry For Big Down Time And We Forgot To Tell You And Im Going To Tell You Some Of The Stuff.

The Card Jistu Party

Club Penguin Clothing Catalog Cheats November 2011

The Club Penguin Style catalog has been released for November 11th (my birthday) 2011. It features a variety of cool new items and a couple of old ones. It even includes some of the clothing items that we mentioned in some of our unreleased items post!

Here are all the Club Penguin Clothing/Penguin Style Catalog Cheats for November 2011:

The first item cheat is on page 3, if you click the flower in the lower right hand corner you can get the pair of hidden sandals:

Sorry For Big Downtime 1-300x194

The second clothing catalog cheat is on page 4, if you click the blue penguin’s hand you can get the brown leather cuffs:

Sorry For Big Downtime 2-300x203

The final cheat is on the Create a T-Shirt page, if you click the penguin’s paint brush you can get the viking helmet. As always, if you open and close this cheat it will turn into the blue viking helmet:

Sorry For Big Downtime 3-300x218

That appears to be all of the Cheats for the Penguin Style November 2011! If you would like the older cheats for the Penguin Style October 2011, click here. While you’re here, be sure to check out the rest of our Club Penguin Cheats!

We are preparing for the Card Jistu Party 2011, so that means we will be running our Sensei Tracker soon! Be sure to embed it on your websites for easy access!

Sorry For Big Downtime 2011-11-03_162410-120x150

Hey penguins!

Club Penguin has welcomed another language into there game expanding it just that much more. Currently Club Penguin has had there game in English, Portuguese, French, and Spanish. Today Club Penguin has grown and is now in German.

<p>What do you think of Club Penguin expanding there game for more players to
Continue reading Club Penguin Now In German

Sorry For Big Downtime 2011-11-03_160849-150x81

Hey penguins!

<p>A new login screen has been created to celebrate the Card Jitsu party coming up this month. Starting November 24th everyone including non members will have access to all the Card Jitsu games. This is for a limited time only and runs till December 6th after December 6th you have to have a
Continue reading Club Penguin New Card Jitsu Party Login Screen

Sorry For Big Downtime 2011-11-03_152735-150x96

Hey penguins!

A new login screen has been created by Club Penguin to celebrate the recent launch of there new game pufflescape! The new game pufflescape can be played in the pet shop and is located right next to puffle launch. Check out the new login screen below.

<p>Are you enjoying pufflescape so far?
Continue reading Club Penguin New Pufflescape Login Screen

Sorry For Big Downtime 2011-11-03_145719-150x80

Hey penguins!

<p>All Epf agents check your spyphones you have all received a new message from G. This message just tells us after we complete the new field op we can play the new game pufflescape for the rest of the week. It seems like G is giving us all a break from stuff for
Continue reading Club Penguin New Epf Message From G

Sorry For Big Downtime Sensei-110x150

Sensei arrives to the island during all Ninja, Card Jitsu, and training related events on Club Penguin. This month, during November he will be arriving on the island to enjoy the Card Jitsu Party that will arrive on November 24th with us.

<p>Sensei is known as the official Card Jitsu Trainer and Ninja Master of
Continue reading Club Penguin Card Jitsu Party Sensei Tracker Guide

Sorry For Big Downtime 2011-11-03_074219-150x85

Hey penguins!

There has been new stamps released to the island with the recent release of pufflescape. These new stamps you can receive for playing the new game pufflescape. Check out the new stamps on the island.

Have you gotten these new stamps yet? Leave us a comment with your answer

Continue reading Club Penguin New Pufflescape Stamps

Sorry For Big Downtime 2011-11-03_072348-150x112

Hey penguins!

<p>With the recent release of the new buddy or friends system of Club Penguin there has been a new login screen made to advertise the new friends system. This new login screen simple just says more friends. In the new friends system it has gave us about 5 times more friends then we
Continue reading Club Penguin New Friends Login Screen

Sorry For Big Downtime 2011-11-03_072206-150x92

Hey penguins!

<p>If you happen to waddle around to the Club Penguin home page you will notice a big edit for the new game pufflescape added into the homepage. They have added in another graphic advertising the new game pufflescape which you can play at the pet shop. Check out the changes to the homepage
Continue reading Club Penguin Home Page Update

Sorry For Big Downtime 2011-11-03_073145-150x94

Club Penguin has created a brand new game for November 2011! It is called Pufflescape and it is located in the Pet Shop. This new game involves you taking your Puffle through an adventurous ride through cave caverns!

<p>You get to pick your Puffle, grab and move objects, collect Puffle O’Berries, and more! This game
Continue reading Club Penguin Pufflescape Cheats

Sorry For Big Downtime Screen-shot-2011-11-02-at-9.49.37-PM1-150x101

Club Penguin has released Club Penguin Field Ops 54. During this mission, Gary tells you to “Go to the Underground, and use the defense grid to destroy any hazards. Hazards will appear as red dots on your radar.”

<p>If you open your EPF Phone and take a look at the Field Ops 54 description, it
Continue reading Club Penguin Field Ops #54 Cheats

Sorry For Big Downtime 2011-11-03_005145-150x104

Club Penguin has released a brand new pin for November 2011. It is called the Hot Sauce Pin and it is located in the Cave mine on the power machine.

<p>The purpose of this pin is to prepare us for the Card Jitsu Party that will be arriving during November 2011. This pin is
Continue reading Club Penguin Hot Sauce Pin November 2011 Cheats

Sorry For Big Downtime 2011-11-02_213453-150x76

Hey penguins!

A new newspaper with all of Club Penguins latest events has arrived to the island. This newspaper gives us information about the latest game arrived to the island and hints to the latest Club Penguin party, the card jitsu celebration.

<p>Featured Story: The main story in this weeks newspaper tells us about the
Continue reading Club Penguin Times Issue #315
~²ººº~( Lake )~²ººº~
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