Club Penguin Halloween Candy Hunt 2011 Cheats

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Club Penguin Halloween Candy Hunt 2011 Cheats

Post  ~²ººº~( Lake )~²ººº~ on Wed Oct 12, 2011 12:20 pm

Every year during the Club Penguin Halloween Party (since 2007), penguins are able to participate in the Candy Hunt. The objective is for penguins to find all 8 pieces of candy that are hidden around the island. At the end, when you collect all of the candy you are rewarded either a free item or background for your hard work. Last year there was a piece of candy in some of the most hidden places! If you need help on where to find all of the candy or how to complete the Candy Hunt for October 2011, you can use Tazboi's cheats site:


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