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Glowing Pumpkin Head Empty Glowing Pumpkin Head

Post  ~²ººº~( Lake )~²ººº~ on Sat Oct 08, 2011 12:25 pm

A Halloween item that might come out soon, to all players. it has been seen around the island on various penguins.
This Item can only be accessed by Cheating

Many Penguins With This Item Have Said It Is "A Beta Test Item" Many Non-members / Members Without It Disapprove. The Real reason people have this item is from trainers and you might be banned from this cheat. i would not try and just wait for the release , or immature penguins might go ahead and fit in with the item.

Glowing Pumpkin Head Andblkos_gph2

This Is A Photo Of The Item In Game

Glowing Pumpkin Head 185px-Andblkos_gph

This Is A Picture Of The Item On A Player Card

Glowing Pumpkin Head 185px-Andblkos_10_7_11

Another Picture Of This Item On A Playercard

Glowing Pumpkin HeadInformation
Glowing Pumpkin Head 180px-Andblkos_look_2_10_7_11
TypeHead Item
Member itemYes
PartyHalloween Party 2011
Where foundCheating
Item ID1323
~²ººº~( Lake )~²ººº~
~²ººº~( Lake )~²ººº~

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